Marc Nobbs – Intelligent Passionate Captivating

Marc Nobbs – Intelligent. Passionate. Captivating.

Marc Nobbs is one of the few men successfully writing and publishing Erotic Romance. As a proud and passionate Brit, Marc’s novels and short stories all have that unique British flavour at their core, as well as something else almost unique in the genre – a male point of view.

Marc’s erotic romance novels have heart, soul, passion and intelligence. Captivating plots, fascinating, complex characters and steamy, graphic sex scenes combine to give the reader and experience they will remember for a long time.

Marc pays no attention to the ‘rules’ of Romantic fiction. He offers something different. A refreshing change from the norm. His characters are ‘real’. Strong independent women and hard-working, honest, noble men. And his plots have intelligence and passion in spades.Gritty, down to earth slices of British live mixed with that element of sexual fantasy and escapism that we all love.

Prepare to cry, to laugh and to be swept along on a torrent of emotion that you’d never would have expected from this happily married father of two–all interlaced with steamy love scenes that will set your insides on fire.

Experience the highs and the lows of his captivating plots as his novels take you on winding journey towards the most breathtaking climaxes – in every sense of the word.

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