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Ladz Local Lovelies Illustrations Showcased on

Back in the day, I wrote a series of short stories for (the sadly missed) Ruthie’s Club called the Ladz Local Lovelies series. The premise was based on the weekly lads mags that were popular at the time like Nuts and Zoo (both of which are now defunct) and their habit of getting hot young girls from who had ‘ordinary lives’ to strip for photo-shoots. Kind of like ‘readers wives’ from nudie mags like Fiesta only the girls kept their knickers on (and sometimes their bras too).

In the stories, these ‘local lovelies’ did their photo-shoot, appeared in the magazine, and then ended up fucking one of their fans afterwards. Or in one case, two of her fans.

I used the ‘Ladz’ magazine title later in Kissed by a Rose and other Westmouthshire novels and so ‘reconned’ the short stories to also fit into the Westmouthshire universe, and you can still get them from Amazon if you haven’t read them – see the links below.

On their original publication, each story came with an illustration at Ruthie’s, and those illustrations are currently being showcased at So far, three have been showcased (#56, #58, #62) and the last one is due to go up this weekend. have also published one of the two illos from the story I wrote with the lovely Cassie Exline, Divine Interview.

Go take a look at the illos and let me know what you think, and if you haven’t read the stories that go with them, click on the covers below.

ladz56  ladz58

ladz62  ladz65

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