Good Review for Charlotte’s Secret

Charlotte’s Secret has had another good review. Romance Reviews Today – erotic awarded it a “Missionary” rating with their review. Here’s some of what they said.

“Yes, CHARLOTTE’S SECRET is about sex outside the marriage vows, but Marc Nobbs puts a unique twist on the subject to not make it unpleasant. Readers will feel the pain David and Charlotte are experiencing over losing each other….. be prepared for a nice little surprising ending to this pleasant tale.”

If you’re reading this on MySpace, clicking on the link below won’t take you to the full review because Mr Murdoch has disabled the link saying that this is a naughty site. So copy and paste the url into your address bar instead. The review is about halfway down the page. Charlotte’s Secret is a contemporary erotic romance story, which is just perfect to waste a hour or so on. Why got give it a try.

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