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The Truths We Live – a Work in Progress

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’d reached a stage in The Truths We Live that was causing my some bother. I needed to write a blog post in the style of a millennial lifestyle blogger, and not having read many millrnnial lifestyle bloggers that was causing me an issue.

Well, I’m please to say that I’ve written said blog post and got past the roadblock. I’ve also, in the process, created a new character, who could prove interesting and who Bobby will end up meeting in the next chapter.

Actually, he may even end up ‘meeting’ her – if you take my meaning.

Bobby has met a lot of new women in this book. A couple of them he hasn’t even fucked.


Anyway, I present below the blog post by Julesella, a millennial lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. Let me know if it really does sound like a millennial or if I’m way, way off.

Dearest readers,

Yes, I know, that’s a corny way to start an article and not what I normally do, but what I’m blogging about today is kinda… well, unusual. And kinda personal too. And I’m writing this to you, not for you, if that makes any sense.


I got a message yesterday from a blogger friend of mine. He’s a kinda secret friend because his blog is not really the same kind of blog as mine. And no, he doesn’t blog about gaming or sport or anything like that. Well, maybe it kinda is like that. I mean, he does blog about gaming and sport on other blogs he has, but that’s not why he messaged me.

You see, he blogs about Adult Entertainment, as well.

Okay, okay. Porn. He blogs about porn, alright? My secret friend is a pervert. Only he isn’t. Not really. He’s sweet.

He just likes watching porn, that’s all.

Or should that be using porn. Because, let’s be honest, no one watches porn for the epic story-telling or high-quality photography and production values, do they? Or do they? I don’t know, I’ve never watched any.


Until today. Just now, in fact. About an hour before writing this.

Yeah, an hour ago.

And I’ll be honest, I needed the hour to… recover.

My friend, Bob—that’s not his real name but it’s the one he uses for his porn blog—and he uses a different name for his gaming and sport blogs too— is actually a pretty decent guy. He’s not some saddo who still lives with his parents and watches porn and eats crisps all day. He’s a professional. I won’t say which profession, because I don’t want to say anything that could lead to him being unmasked and getting into trouble, but I will say that he had to train for nearly five years all in all to do what he does.

And he’s good at it.

He’s got his own place, which I’ve been too a few times—and no, we haven’t watched porn together, I already told you I’d never watched any before this morning, despite Bob suggesting it more than a few times—and his own car, and all his own teeth and everything.

He’s one of the good ones, okay? He just likes watching porn to get his rocks off. It’s better than hiring prostitutes I suppose. Or going out and raping someone.

I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry.

Look, give me a break, okay, this thing has got my head all messed up.

What thing? you ask.

The porno he told me I should watch—that thing.

Bob sent me a message first thing this morning and asked if he could call me. I wasn’t busy, so I said yes and he called me pretty much straight away. This is the gist of the conversation.

“Jules, you know I’m always telling you to give porn a chance because some of it is like, really sensual and designed for women and stuff.”

“Yes. And I always tell you I’m just not into that stuff.”

“But you read erotica, though, right?”

Er… Have I ever admitted that on here before? Oh, hell, who cares?

“You know I do. I mean, a girl needs some relief.”

“Exactly! Look, there’s a new scene released today. It’s that older bloke I told you about, the new one, and he’s doing it with his wife.”

“Okay. And?”

“And you need to watch it. Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like it ever! It’s incredible. Really. It’s like… I don’t know… Erotica for the eyes, does that make sense? I mean you can see how much these two love each other. You can sense it. It’s right there. And it’s not crass or really all that graphic. It’s just… You need to watch it, okay?”

Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard Bob rave about a porn movie quite like this before. Sure, he’s told me all about what he calls “Art-porn”, movies that are shot in soft focus and depict ‘making love’, but never has he spoke about anything other than the football club he loves with this sort of enthusiasm.

So, I relented. And I told him to send me a link so I could watch it. He did. And he even paid the rental fee for me to boot. What a lovely man.

And I was Blown! Away!

Completely! Utterly! Blown! Away!

This film is like… I don’t know. I’ve just spent the past hour recovering from watching it because it’s such a sensual and, more importantly, emotional experience. It’s like watching the intimate feelings of two people written large on your screen. The depth of love on display is so deep, so real, that it reaches out from the screen and embeds itself in your heart and it stays there. Even now, I can still feel it. It’s as if the love they have for each other is a drug and they are pushing it out through the screen and into your veins and once you’ve experienced it, you just can’t get enough.

I watched it twice. All the way through both times.

Did I cum? Hell yeah. Multiple times on both viewings – I couldn’t stop myself – but it doesn’t matter, because it’s not the physical feeling I’m craving, it’s the emotional one.

I think this video might well have changed my life.

I don’t know how, yet. But I think it has.

And it will change yours too. Try it.
(I’m off to watch it again now.)

What do you think? Seriously, what do you think. This is something that I’m not all that confident about, so any feedback would be welcomed. Let me know.

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