A Few Changes

This week has seen a few changes for me. Yesterday at work, I spent the whole day setting up new Credit Control procedures. After all we need to chase up those unpaid invoices. So there’s a big change for a start.

But actually, I’m talking about my website. Having to buy a new laptop after my old one died has finally prompted me to get hold of some half decent web design software and I’ve given my website a touch up as a result.

You’ll see from the header of this page that the “marcnobbs.com” logo has gone all 3d-ish and shiny.  And it’s the same across the rest of my website. All the graphics have been touched up. No, not like that, you dirty-minded whatsit. I mean they’ve been given a shiny make over. Look :

I’ve also re-ordered my home page, which now features my YouTube teaser-trailer for Kissed by a Rose, and RSS feeds of my Twitter stream and blog.

The “History” page has been updated with latest developments, as has the “Works in Progress” page. I’ve also given the “Free Stories” page a re-ordering, grouping the stories in to categories – Longer Romantic Shorts, The “Ladz” series, Written for Ruthie’s, Erotic Shorts and Flash Fiction.

Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

I’ve also started to add more to the “Links” page – but that will be an ongoing process.

The other big change is that I’m making Reunion available as a .pdf free to download. It will be the ‘original’ version, as published at StoriesOnline, but with the formatting and spelling tidied up.

Why? Well, I had planned to do a re-write of Reunion, but as I’ve started to do it, I’ve changed the names of the characters, and found that they are different people. The ‘new’ version I’m working on is already significantly different in terms of plot than the original. In other words, it’s a whole new story. And by treating it as such I’m not going to find myself bound by the plot of the original. Actually, I’m quite looking forward to where these new people, William and Amy, will take me.

Next, I’d like to add some story extracts from Charlotte’s Secret and Lost&Found, which I shall try to do over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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