A Few Updates and Future Plans

I was chatting with my PA, Ashley, yesterday (still feels weird referring to her that way. She’s my friend and she helps me out. PA sounds far too ‘official’ for my liking. I’m not important enough to need a PA). She had just finished reading Kissed by a Rose and as well as chatting about that book, I also mentioned that a couple of the minor characters in the book could be in line to ‘star’ in their own book at some point in the future.

And that led to a brief discussion of my plans for future books. And I’d like to share those plans with you know as well as update you as to where I am now.

Firstly, in case you hadn’t noticed from my Twitter & Facebook feeds, Charlotte’s Secret will be (re)released on 31st March.

I’ll be launching a “ShhhSelfie” contest/campaign in relation to this later this week.

Charlotte’s Secret was, of course, written a number of years ago, published at Ruthie’s Club and the picked up by Phaze. I then took it out of circulation after its three year contract there. I’ve since tweaked it, changed a few things and brought it into the “Westmouth Universe” along with the likes of Kissed by a Rose, Eternally & Evermore and The Big Four Ohhh!

As to future work. Right now I’m working on The Lies We Lead. It’s already six times longer than I intended—a fully-fledged novel rather than a short story—and getting longer. I’m hoping I can finish the first draft in the next few weeks and then fix a release date one that’s happened.

Now, the interesting bit. What comes after that? Well, I have a list. This is in no particular order and not all of these ideas may come to fruition. But here’s the list, for what it’s worth.

  • A Wounded Heart – this is the last part of the Tutelam Venit series (although I may rename this series The Paul Robertson Saga before release)
  • Fallen Grace – this is just a title and an idea at the moment. A married woman called Grace, commits an indiscretion in a nightclub which her husband sees. In order to “not lose him” she agrees to submit to his desires completely. I’m thinking this is less likely to be a Dom/Sub story and more a “slut wife” story. Although, it may be interesting to explore BDSM from the point of view of two people who’ve never done it before and find they are not completely comfortable with it. Like I said, this is more of a germ of an idea than anything else at the moment.
  • I.O.U. – Again, this is more a title and an idea that any plan for a full plot. The basic premise is that a woman, a budding reporter, returns home after living away for a decade or so, and finds her home town full of corruption she is determined to uncover. She also finds that a young man she used to babysit for & who had a crush on her when he got older, still holds the I.O.U. she gave him that promised she’d be the first person to sleep with him if he was a still a virgin at 25 – which he is.
  • Untitled Tina Thomson Project – Tina is the Scottish singer who made a cameo appearance in Kissed by a Rose and whose songs have featured in all subsequent books. I’d like to give her a “Britney-style” breakdown then write a book about her recovery and the man who is central to that recovery.
  • Untitled Billy Thomas Project – Billy Thomas is a bad boy Rocker who appears in Kissed by a Rose. It would be interesting to give him his own book where some young woman steals his heart and then attempts to “tame him”.
  • Untitled Prince Harold Project – another supporting character in Kissed by a Rose, Prince Harold is a candidate for his own story in which he ascends to the throne then has to find a suitable Queen.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas jostling for place in my brain – more than enough to keep me writing books for a few years to come yet. What do you think of some of these ideas? Which is your favourite?

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