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All set for the week

On Friday I was at a meeting with the staff in respect of the impending decrease in staffing levels, which wasn’t nice. There is an unpleasant atmosphere around here at the moment. still, there’s not a lot we can do about it.

The weekend was interesting. Jr’s nursery has had a second hand iMac donated to them, and guess who’s on it the most? Yep, Nobby Jr. So, as he’s a future computer whiz, Mrs Nobbs suggested we dig out the old desktop machine of ours, set it up downstairs and buy the little tyke a few ‘educational’ games. She’s since changed her mind as he seems to be better on all the games than she is.

I did warn her.

While I wait to hear the fate of Kissed by a Rose, I’ve started re-writing Reunion. I’m changing the title, changing the location and adding a lot more to it (as well as cleaning up what is already there). At this point I’m estimating it will almost double in size. (The story. I know what you were thinking! You’ve all got dirty minds and should be ashamed of yourselves)

Reunion is still available at Lulu for now, but I’ll be withdrawing it as I near the completion of the rewrite. I’ll also have to pull it from StoriesOnline before I submit it for publication – even though that version is a very early, no where near as good version. It’ll hurt, as it continues to be my most popular story there, but I’ll have to do it eventually.

Have you heard of Melanotan? It’s a tanning drug and there is a bit of a stink about it in the press this morning. It raises the amount of melanin in the body – which colours the skin. On the radio this morning was a doctor trying to convince young women not to use it as all the side-effects are not known. It’s also not licensed for use in the UK yet so buying it over the Internet is, strictly, illegal.

But he did list some of the side-effects. Increased sex drive and depressed appetite. Good job, Doc. Way to persuade people not to use it. After all, the women who wan to be golden brown, don’t want to be thin as well, do they? And if more sex is thrown in too – well, no one wants that.

Let’s be honest, for lots of twenty-something women , this sounds like the ideal drug.

I am tempted to talk about the government – but I won’t as it will turn into a rant. I got annoyed this morning by Lord Mandleson insisting that nothing the government has done is to blame for the economic conditions. He blamed everyone from ‘international issues’, to the present opposition, to the last government – the one that got booted out ELEVEN YEARS AGO.

Sorry, I told you it would turn into a rant. The sooner this lot leave office the better.

Oh, and did you know that my footy team, Wolves, are top if the league? Well, it keeps me happy.

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