Busy couple of Days

Isn’t it strange how you sometimes just get bitten by the bug and feel compelled to write? That’s what happened to me over the past couple of days.

Firstly, as I’ve already said, “Six thirty Sleeper” was accepted at Ruthie’s. Big Yay! I really do like that story. Second, I posted a revised revision of “Public Performance” in the Tank, got some excellent suggestions, and I’ve already completed a final draft and sent it off to Neil for his appraisal. I’ll let you know when I hear back. I’ll be interested to know if all the grossness of the public toilets leads to a Ruthie’s let down due to lack of eroticism.

I’ve also finished a first draft of what started out as a sister story to “Public Performance”. That no longer seem appropriate so I changed the names of the characters and it then morphed and went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. Seriously, anyone who thinks they know me will get little shock when they read this. I shouldn’t think the story quite rates a “caution” tag, but for me it’s definitely a departure. It’s only a first draft, and I’ll run it through the tank in due course. It reads more like a scene that a fully developed story at the moment and I need to find a way to remedy that.

I’ve also half written another story, this time retuning to the “Ladz Local Lovelies” brand. I’m not saying anymore about that until it’s finished apart from one word – “Lift” (“Elevator” for those across the pond). I’m hoping I can finish this one quite quickly too. Then, maybe, if I’ve got all these shorts out of my system, I can turn to Chloe again and get on writing “The Method”. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with that story when it’s finished. I know that Ruthie’s have accepted stories of that length in the past (indeed one finished just last week), but I’d kinda like to take it to an e-pub too. Then again, I can always take it to and e-pub after its six-month stint at Ruthie’s (assuming they accept it, which they might not). I hate making decisions – I guess that’s why at work I’m the lackey and not the boss.

Anyway, here’s a little something for you. Mat suggested that the blowjob scene in “Public Performance” was a little quick. So I expanded it. Warning – the following extract contains adult material. (the blue bit is all new)

“I don’t know. With how worked up you were earlier, I don’t think it would take long. Let’s see, shall we?” She slowly unbuckled his belt. His button fly jeans offered no resistance when she ripped them open. Kenny’s hard cock was already making a tent in his boxers. Jessica popped open the buttons and freed it. She never took her eyes from his as she feasted. She licked and sucked and scraped along his shaft with her teeth. Her head moved back and forth, taking more of his cock into her mouth each time until her nose nestled in his pubic hair and his cock lodged in her throat. She massaged his scrotum, squeezing his balls gently and making him moan. In short order, Kenny felt his orgasm build. He held her head and gently thrust into her mouth. His cock nudged her throat and his balls slapped against her chin. When it came, his release was an untapped well and he flooded her mouth. As she always did, Jessica swallowed all he had to offer. She removed his cock from her mouth, stroked it and licked her lips. “Stay hard for me?”

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