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Car Trouble

I need a new car. I currently drive a green Peugeot 306 estate, rather like this one, with a big, turbocharged diesel engine and want something different. But I need to persuade my wife I need one first. Why do I need a new car? How many reasons do you want?

  1. It’s due a service and MOT which I’m convinced is going to cost me more than the car is worth.
  2. It uses too much petrol.
  3. It costs too much to tax.
  4. It’s ugly by modern standards.
  5. It’s just too damn big now that we’ve got the Picasso. I originally bought it because it was big – I don’t need a big car anymore, it’s only for running back and forth to work.
  6. It’s got an annoying oil leak which no-one seems to be able to stop and is making a mess of the road outside my house.
  7. The electric window controls haven’t worked for a couple of years now and I’ve been quoted £300 to fix them. Thankfully, the sunroof still opens.
  8. The ‘door open’ light has started flashing constantly, so I’ve had to turn it off. If I get in the car in the dark, I can’t see anything.
  9. The central locking has started playing up. This morning it took me ages to lock the car. The doors were all unlocked but when I locked the driver’s door (the remote locking key needs a new battery) it ONLY locked that door. I opened the two rear doors to lock them manually, but couldn’t lock the front passenger manually while the door was open. So I had to open the driver’s door, lock the other from the inside, get out again and lock the driver’s door with the key – at which point the other three unlocked again. I wasn’t happy!
  10. I just want a new one, okay? 

So, what sort of car do I want? I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it, I need to bring my wife around to the idea of having a new one first, and that may take a while.

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