Keeping it Straight

I find that one of the biggest problems with writing ‘longer’ stories, is keeping everything straight in your head so that you don’t contradict yourself at some point. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the story as to what you need to do to keep things straight. For example, with “Charlotte Secret” the […]

It’s Thursday again, where’s the bloody week gone?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or because I have so much to do, but time seems have accelerated in recent weeks. I suspect it’s the latter. I’m having one of those periods where you have a list of tasks longer than the long and winding road and every single one of […]

What a Week!

Well, what a manic couple of weeks that’s been. It’s always the same around this time of year. The firm I work for has its financial year end at the end of April and there’s a ton of work to do to report on it and a flurry of activity from fee earners as they […]

I’ve been working!

Recently, I’ve actually been doing some writing. Wonders will never cease! At the weekend I read through what I’ve written so far in my “Little Miss Movie Star” story. I’d reached a point where I didn’t know if I needed, or indeed wanted, to include a particular scene, which is why I stalled. I could […]

Car Trouble

I need a new car. I currently drive a green Peugeot 306 estate, rather like this one, with a big, turbocharged diesel engine and want something different. But I need to persuade my wife I need one first. Why do I need a new car? How many reasons do you want? It’s due a service […]

Back to the Real world

I’m back from my brief break, more’s the pity. Back to work and the real world. Why is it that when you go away for a nice relaxing break, after a day at work you’re more stressed than when you went away? I’ve come back with a list of things to do as long as […]

Apologies for everything – It’s clearly all my fault

Oh my word, it does appear that I have been rather lax in my blogging. In other words, in been over a week since I posted anything. Shocking. The main reason is that so much over the past few weeks has annoyed me, every time I’ve sat down to write I’ve been unable to. I […]

What I’ve been up to

I did very little in the way of ‘creative’ writing last week, by which I mean that I didn’t write any new fiction. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, at the start of last week, I saw a job advertised which is not only perfect for me but which I would be perfect for […]

A Few Funnies

Here are a few funnies that found their way into my inbox this morning. A married man went into the confessional and said to his priest, “I almost had an affair with another woman.” The priest said, “What do you mean, almost?” The man said, “Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I […]

Random Stuff

Circumstances beyond my control have left me unable to blog this week – in other words, those people who employ me have been demanding I do what they pay me for instead of goofing off, which is ridiculous when you think about it. Anyway, before I go off on today’s random rant, I want to […]

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