Bad News

All in all it wasn’t the best of days yesterday. It started off well and I’ll admit to being in a unusually good mood. But Mid-afternoon the directors called the staff into the office and announced that they believe us to be over-staffed in the current economic climate, and that they would be looking to […]

Chatting at the Cafe

Yesterday I was chatting at the Love Romances Cafe. As always there was a bunch of questions for us authors to answer. And here are the ones I gave. When did you seriously sit down, and say to yourself, I’m going to write a novel? I remember it well. It was a Tuesday. The sky […]

We Shall Remember. We MUST Remember.

Today is, so I’m told, Veteran’s Day in the US. I’ve seen blog posts, Myspace comments and twitter tweets wishing people a “Happy Veteran’s Day.” And I wonder. I wonder just how many of them realise why it’s TODAY. How many realise the significance of 11/11. It is, of course, Armistice day. on this day, […]

The Wait Goes On

The worst thing about being a writer is the unnerving, terrifying wait that one is subjected to when you submit a piece for publication. It’s a lot like the wait you have to endure when you enter a competition and the announcement of the winner is several days after the closing date – only worse, […]

What a Week!

I can’t think of a better title to this entry to be honest. What a week indeed! I can’t quite believe just how much has gone wrong this week. It’s been one thing after another at work. Leaky pipes leading to sodden carpets. Melting breaker switches leading to four and a half hours without power […]

It’s D-day. Or should that be E-day?

I have, quite literally, just put the finishing touches to my second draft of Kissed by a Rose and subbed it to Phaze for consideration. I will, of course, keep this blog updated of its progress. It’s a nice feeling to have finally sent it away. Yes, I know that IF its accepted there is […]

Nominated for Two Awards

I’m Hugely excited today to find out that I’ve been nominated for two awards at Erotic Romance Connection. I wasn’t even a member of this yahoo group until I joined this morning after a friend tipped me off about the nominations. As I said, I’m up for two awards. “Best Contemporary Erotic Author” which is […]

Phaze Halloween Sale

It’s All Hallows Eve and to ‘celebrate’ (Look, I’m British, I don’t get Halloween, okay. To me it’s just an excuse for already horrid teenagers to demand cash from strangers) Phaze Books are having a sale. You can take 20% off all your orders, today only, by using the special code word – “CANDYCORN”. That […]

A Personal History – Part one.

Going back to Swansea this weekend left me with some very mixed feelings. Yeah, Swansea was where Mrs Nobbs and I met and fell in love so it was special to go back together with Junior and see all the places we remembered from those days (even if most of them have changed a lot […]

Isn’t it Always the way?

Isn’t it always the way that when you’ve got tons and tons you want to blog about, you can’t find the time to write an entry?Since last Wednesday, I’ve had no time at all to write for my blog, or for anything else for that matter. Which is a shame because I’d have loved to […]

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