I nearly died. I did, honest.

Okay, so I’m fibbing and making my journey to work this morning sound more dramatic than it actually was, and I know I shouldn’t really joke about this when there are worse things happening down under right now, but hey, times are tough and we all need to put a smile on our face somehow. […]

Everyday, it’s a getting stronger…

Did you know that today it is fifty years since “The Music Died”? Yep, it’s fifty years to the day that the plane went down over Iowa taking Buddy Holley, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper with it. There was a piece on it this morning on the radio. Naturally, they were talking up Buddy […]

And Then the Shit the the Fan

I’m am having a seriously bad day today. Traffic problems this morning meant I travelled about two and half miles, stop/start, in half an hour. Which really set me up for the day. Next, LoudTwitter has failed to ship yesterday’s twitter tweets to my blogs, which isn’t the end of the world but is a […]

Why ‘Anonymous’ feedback is the worst possible kind

Even though I’ve been publishing for cold hard cash for just over three years now, I still have a bunch of stories available to read for free over at StoriesOnline. They are mostly older, short pieces and the Ruthie’s Club stories that have gone past their six month exclusivity period. And I still get feedback […]

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