I nearly died. I did, honest.

Okay, so I’m fibbing and making my journey to work this morning sound more dramatic than it actually was, and I know I shouldn’t really joke about this when there are worse things happening down under right now, but hey, times are tough and we all need to put a smile on our face somehow. […]


I’m 34 and I remember some snowy winters in Britain. I have memories of trudging to school through the snow for about a week when I was nine or ten. I remember the sheer glee of playing out on the school filed. I remember making giant snowballs. I remember building snow ‘bunkers’ so that we […]

Kissed by a Rose – Book Trailer

This past weekend I put together a second trailer for Kissed by a Rose. This one is much more dramatic than the first “teaser trailer” and hints a little more at the plot line without, I hope, giving away all the books secrets. Take a look and let me know what you think Kissed by […]

Everyday, it’s a getting stronger…

Did you know that today it is fifty years since “The Music Died”? Yep, it’s fifty years to the day that the plane went down over Iowa taking Buddy Holley, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper with it. There was a piece on it this morning on the radio. Naturally, they were talking up Buddy […]

Trying to grab moments when I can

You know, these days, I find myself trying to snatch precious moments whenever I can in all sorts of circumstances. Take my wife for instance. We’re both so busy that we have to snatch private moments in-between the thousand other things we have to do day-to-day. A quick cuddle here, a stolen kiss there. Add […]

Is it Thursday Already?

I can’t quite believe how quickly this week has gone. I suppose all the running around I’ve done this week is the reason for it having flown by – well, from my perspective at least. It’s just been one thing after another quite honestly. And the piles of work on my desk to not seem […]

And Then the Shit the the Fan

I’m am having a seriously bad day today. Traffic problems this morning meant I travelled about two and half miles, stop/start, in half an hour. Which really set me up for the day. Next, LoudTwitter has failed to ship yesterday’s twitter tweets to my blogs, which isn’t the end of the world but is a […]

Back to The Tank?

Yesterday I was invited, no, invited isn’t the right word, I was ordered back to The Fishtank by the very scary Ms Mount. As it happens, I’d been thinking about dipping my toe back in for a while, especially since Cassie told me it had gone nuts in there following the call from Ruthie’s for […]

A Few Changes

This week has seen a few changes for me. Yesterday at work, I spent the whole day setting up new Credit Control procedures. After all we need to chase up those unpaid invoices. So there’s a big change for a start. But actually, I’m talking about my website. Having to buy a new laptop after […]

Why ‘Anonymous’ feedback is the worst possible kind

Even though I’ve been publishing for cold hard cash for just over three years now, I still have a bunch of stories available to read for free over at StoriesOnline. They are mostly older, short pieces and the Ruthie’s Club stories that have gone past their six month exclusivity period. And I still get feedback […]

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