Feeling Grumpy about having nothing to feel Grumpy About

It’s odd, but I started this Grumpy Blog so I could bitch and moan about all the things that annoy me in life. And then what happens? I stop feeling Grumpy because life just sort of seems to be going well. Ain’t it always the way? So, I figure that the best thing to do […]

Summer’s Here

It has, to put it mildly, been freaking hot in the UK the past week or so. I mean, seriously hot. We’re not used to it here. We’re used to grey skies and drizzle. So, in celebration of the lovely weather, here are some customary generic pictures of ladies in bikinis, because… why not? Of […]

So Much for Equality

This comes from the Daily Mail (no surprise there then). A wife has been fined £300 for assaulting her husband, who has MS and needed 13 stitches. The article treats it as a joke story, but I can’t help think that if *he* had assaulted *her* then the sentence would have much more severe. Maybe […]

One day ‘An eminent Lord’ – and the next – ‘A Child Sex Apologist’

Always an interesting read, Anna Raccoon hits the nail on the head with this one. My, oh, my – the Conspiri-loons are fair drumming their heels in the Twitter aisles this morning. Monstrous tantrums. So near the sweetie counter – and yet so far! Was it only Monday – two days ago – that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss […]

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