Why you’ll never hear me say “Free on Kindle Unlimited”

At present, there are not any “Marc Nobbs” books on Kindle Unlimited, although all of “Knobbie Knobbs” books are and “Phil McAvity“‘s one book is. But even so, you’ll never here me say that Knobbie’s or Phil’s books are “Free on Kindle Umlimited”, because I consider that to be something of a lie. I might […]

Short Excerpt from “The Slumber Party”

I figured it was time I started scheduling some posts with excerpts from some of the books I’ve got up on Amazon. I’m going to start with the short stories that are available on Kindle Unlimited, because there are already excerpts from my longer novels available on this website. So first up is an excerpt […]

Heaven in Leather—Now Available

One of my older shorts, Heaven in Leather, is now available in a heavily revised form as part of Kindle Unlimited or for 99c/99p to purchase. It’s now listed under one of my pseudonyms, Knobbie Knobbs. Here’s the blurb and old cover. A sexy motorbike rider clad in red leathers that hug her every curve. A young, perpetually horny […]

Busy Few Months

It has been a pretty hectic couple of months on the domestic front for little ‘ole me. And that means I’ve had little time (again) to be Nobbsy the Writer. What can I say, shit happens. And it happens a lot. That, though, means it’s difficult to find time to write—although I have been trying. […]

The Importance of Team Sports

My son will be 10 at the end of December, and after several years of him asking to join a football team, I finally relented and found him a club for this season. (By football, I mean the game that is called “soccer” in some parts of the world—the one that’s actually played with one’s feet rather than one’s hands, hence the name. This is the first and last time you’ll hear me call it soccer)

Split Personality

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a pretty tough few months for me. Marc Nobbs is, obviously, an alias—a creation of my imagination that I use to shield my family (and, indeed, myself) from those who would take issue with the kind of fiction I write. It’s quite sad that I have […]

“Arrow” Returns – But who’s in that Grave?

One of my favourite shows, Arrow, is back with a barnstorming season opener that ‘resets’ things after last year’s finale. Last year saw Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset together, leaving Starling City in the hands of Laurel, Thea and Diggle. This year opened with a glimpse into “Olicity’s” suburban, domestic bliss—that image […]

Smells like Dad Spirit

This morning, on the School Run, I had the music on my phone playing on shuffle through my car stereo via Bluetooth rather than listening to the radio and Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” came on. As the intro faded into the angst-ridden first verse I said to my son, “One of the best songs […]

Facebook Photos Reported

I took part in a “Rapid Fire” Q&A session in a secret Facebook group last night and as part of that I posted a number of photos. Long story short, the question arose as to what “Dogging” was, so I posted some photos as an illustration. And those three photos were reported by someone. Although […]

What’s Next?

With The Lies We Lead now out in the wild for everyone to read, I’m already being asked what’s up next from me. I’ve got a couple of projects on the go, as well as a few in the pipeline that are nothing more than ideas right now. Firstly, I’ve been working (slowly) on A Wounded Heart, the […]

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