Post Update

You’ll know if you’ve read this post that I’ve started a new blog under my legal name. I just wanted to note that on that blog I’ve written an updated version of my recent post about Prime Minister’s Questions #PMQs.

PMQs – Political Theatre that’s Out of Time

Prime Minister’s Questions has long been the weekly showcase set-piece of the British Parliament. It’s the opportunity for MPs to put questions directly to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s opportunity to… well, to show off, I suppose.

All of a (Shaving) Lather

Am I offended by the new Gillette advert? No. Does it really bother me all that much? No. So why write about it? Well, everyone else seems to have an opinion on it, so why not. I saw it on twitter last night, but if you have no idea what advert I mean, you can […]

Left v Right

There was a conversation on the Radio this morning which, for me, perfectly illustrated the difference between left-wing and right-wing views of the world.

Protesting Democracy

In 2015, when Britain voted for a right-of-centre Conservative majority that no one had predicted, there were protests on the street from left-wingers. In June 2016 when Britain voted to leave the EU when no one expected it, left-wingers were on the streets protesting. And now that Trump has been elected President when no one […]

A Message to the People of the USA

I’d like to say something to the folks across the pond who are feeling the kind of shock, disappointment and, yes, even anger, that I felt on the morning of June 24th. Democracy sucks. It’s a flawed system and sometimes you don’t get the result you want or expect. But it’s the best system we […]

The Mother of all Laughing Stocks

It’s sometimes (erroneously) referred to as “The Mother of All Parliaments”, can claim to date back to the late 1200’s and it’s the model for parliamentary democracy in large portions of the world (primarily the Commonwealth countries that gained independence from the British Empire). But today, at around 4:30pm, The House of Commons in the Palace of […]

Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother?

Clean Reader

I’ve just heard about “Clean Reader” today. I do hope they are not selling any of my books, because there won’t be an awful lot left after Clean Reader has filtered out all the “bad” stuff. Here’s Joanne Harris’s response to an e-mail they sent her after she made her feelings about the app very […]

100 Days to Go #GE2015

Today represents 100 days until the UK General Election of 2015. Which means we still have three months of this sort of cringe-worthy political squirming as seen when Andrew Neil interviewed Natalie Bennett, leader of the Greens on his Sunday Politics show yesterday Actually, it’s worth watching even if you’re not interested in British Politics […]

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