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It’s been a tough few months for me since my last post at the start of March. The end of March is, of course, the end of the financial year for a lot of companies in the UK—mine included—and thanks to the announcement that the Stamp Duty holiday was going to be extended didn’t come until very late on in the month, it was very, very busy in the housing market.

It’s Been a While…

My last post here on the blog was back in September when I announced the re-release date for Kissed by a Rose. Then after a good six months of being able to find the time to work at being Marc Nobbs, things changed. It’s been a hectic few months for me since October. Not as a writer, but as a living breathing person with a job and a family life.

Life always seems to “Get in the Way”

It’s hard. To go from working in a busy office with lots of people around to working on your own and only communicating by e-mail rather than just walking into someone’s room is unusual and not all that pleasant.

Slow Week

It was an odd week last week for my Nobbs persona. Whereas in recent weeks I’ve resumed work on The Truths We Live as well as upping my blog output and working on new covers and updating the interior of some older publications, this week I’ve done very little.

A New Journey, A New Blog

I’ve started another new blog but under my legal name this time. I’ve done this before, blogged under my own name, but in the past I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it.

Working from Home

Despite the UK’s “lockdown” (which, let’s be honest, isn’t anything like what most countries have meant by “lockdown” I’ve still been hard at work. Not just on a couple of personal projects which include slowly bringing the eBooks I’ve published under different names back under my main author name, but also at my day job.

How’s Your Lockdown?

Prime Minister Johnson (still feels wrong to say that—how did that man become PM?) announced that life as the UK knew it was being put on hold for the time being back on 23rd March.

Too Much Choice

Do you ever feel like you have too much choice? I do. In fact, every time I open a blank document to write a blog post I feel as if I have too much choice.

Is the Album Dead?

Is the album as I knew it growing up, dead? Are fan curated “playlists” the new album? Do albums matter anymore?

Journals—Therapy for the Mind and the Soul.

There’s something ‘liberating’ about writing something that you know no-one will ever read.

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