Fatherly Pride

It was with a very fatherly sense of pride that I watched my son’s football coach call him back for a “quick word” after he’d dismissed the rest of the team following their 7-1 victory this weekend.

Still part of the Team

Back in 2015, I wrote about the importance of Team Sports in the context of my Son joining an under-10s football team.
Three seasons later and he’s still playing for the same team.

It’s Hard to Type With a Four Year Old in Your Lap

My poor little baby girl has been ill for the past week or so, and I think it’s quite telling about the relationship I have with her that whenever she hurts herself or she’s feeling unwell, she comes running to me.

Learning the Guitar

I had a guitar for Christmas. Mrs Nobbs bought it for me. It’s because of an agreement I had with my son. If he passed his grade one piano, I’d buy him a guitar and we’d learn it together. Of course, I’m a complete novice and he plays piano, cello and Oboe, so he’s raced […]

The Importance of Team Sports

My son will be 10 at the end of December, and after several years of him asking to join a football team, I finally relented and found him a club for this season. (By football, I mean the game that is called “soccer” in some parts of the world—the one that’s actually played with one’s feet rather than one’s hands, hence the name. This is the first and last time you’ll hear me call it soccer)

Smells like Dad Spirit

This morning, on the School Run, I had the music on my phone playing on shuffle through my car stereo via Bluetooth rather than listening to the radio and Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” came on. As the intro faded into the angst-ridden first verse I said to my son, “One of the best songs […]

Ook! A Personal Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

When I was around 15, I picked out a book by some author I’d never heard of with this funny, cartoon-ish cover.

That book changed my life.

Terry Pratchett is the reason I write today. I can pay him no higher tribute than that.

The Gruffalo

I’m a dad. Twice over. Which means I’ve probably read “The Gruffalo” a hundred million billion times. In fact, I even know it by heart and to prove that, I started reciting it to Mrs Nobbs over dinner last night—No one can ever accuse me of not having riveting dinner conversation. Anyway, for your listening […]

There’s Nothing So British as a Charity Nude Calender

Ever since the Calender Girls of a branch of the Women’s Institute in Yorkshire stripped off to raise money for Cancer Research via a tasteful nude calender in 1999, the whole nude calender thing has become a bit of a British Tradition – and 2015 is no exception. Below are a few pictures from a selection of […]

I’m Being Watched

I was walking back to the car at the end of the work day yesterday, scrolling though some of the notifications on my phone when I found this… It seems that I either have a fan in a very high place, or I’m on a very dangerous watchlist. I really do hope it’s the former. I […]

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