Bye Bye 2014

So, as 2014 comes to an end, we find that my stated aim for this section of the blog from October was a miserable failure. After a review of one episode of X-Factor and a single review of The Apprentice, well, that was all I managed to do. The reason (or excuse) is the same as […]

From Across the Pond – What’s It For

After starting up “From Across the Pond” again, I did find myself trying to work out just what it was for. Well, now I know. From now on, “From Across the Pond” will become my place to write reviews of TV, Film, Books, music – anything really. They will be mixed in with a celebration […]

What a Job! Does she need any new Staff?

I know, I know, I really should stop reading the Daily Mail. It’s not very P.C. of me and probably shows up my inherently right-leaning tenancies. But it’s a pretty good mobile app so it’s not like a pay to read it and, honestly, when you find gems like this article, how can you possibly […]

Summer’s Here

It has, to put it mildly, been freaking hot in the UK the past week or so. I mean, seriously hot. We’re not used to it here. We’re used to grey skies and drizzle. So, in celebration of the lovely weather, here are some customary generic pictures of ladies in bikinis, because… why not? Of […]

NEWS: Amazon Offers (and Hachette Rejects) Proposal That Writers Keep 100% E-Book Sales During Contract Talks

Amazon scare me. They are too big. Too Powerful. But the publishers are dinosaurs trying to hang on to a business model that no longer makes any sense.

The Power of Proper Tags

Over on The Grumpy Blog, I posted a piece on Ms Debbie Delamar, who claims to be the proud owner of Britain’s Biggest Fake Boobs. She’s been all over the media (or the gutter press, if you prefer) this past weekend. It wasn’t a particularly unusual post, in the sense that it was pretty much […]

From Across the Pond is Back

From Across the Pond is Back : “From Across the Pond” was the name of my old Blogger blog. But as part of the latest shake-up of my blogging efforts (something I’m prone to, I’m afraid) it’s BACK!

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