The Cheek of it…

A couple of weeks ago I got followed on Twitter by a book review site. And as often happens, when I followed them back, I got an almost immediate DM from their bot.

Recent Reviews for “The Big Four Ohhh!”

Continuing this ‘series’ about recent reviews of some of my books on Amazon, there have been a couple of really good 5-Star reviews of The Big Four Ohhh! First up, Ashley said… Wow wow wow !! I picked this up to read as a short story while I was in between novels and Im so […]

Amazon Reviews for “Eternally & Evermore”

It should be no real surprise to anyone who knows me or has visited this site before, that it’s been some considerable time since I last posted a blog entry. I’m not going to apologise for that, even though I would have done once upon a time. Frankly, since I’ve finally worked out how to […]

New Reviews

Two new 5-star reviews have been added to a couple of my shorts on Amazon. Juanita Souza (Amazon) has review Heaven in Leather & Extended Family. Just click to read the reviews.  Many thanks to Juanita. I really do appreciate every review I get, but those 5-starers are something special.

Excellent Review for “A Good Man”

Patricia Maia (Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon) has written a really, really good review of A Good Man. You can read it for yourself here. But I’d like to quote some of it if I may. Very well written, very concise, full of various details that makes you live the story as if you were one of […]