PMQs – Political Theatre that’s Out of Time

Prime Minister’s Questions has long been the weekly showcase set-piece of the British Parliament. It’s the opportunity for MPs to put questions directly to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s opportunity to… well, to show off, I suppose.

Learning the Guitar

I had a guitar for Christmas. Mrs Nobbs bought it for me. It’s because of an agreement I had with my son. If he passed his grade one piano, I’d buy him a guitar and we’d learn it together. Of course, I’m a complete novice and he plays piano, cello and Oboe, so he’s raced […]

The Gruffalo

I’m a dad. Twice over. Which means I’ve probably read “The Gruffalo” a hundred million billion times. In fact, I even know it by heart and to prove that, I started reciting it to Mrs Nobbs over dinner last night—No one can ever accuse me of not having riveting dinner conversation. Anyway, for your listening […]

There’s Nothing So British as a Charity Nude Calender

Ever since the Calender Girls of a branch of the Women’s Institute in Yorkshire stripped off to raise money for Cancer Research via a tasteful nude calender in 1999, the whole nude calender thing has become a bit of a British Tradition – and 2015 is no exception. Below are a few pictures from a selection of […]

I’m Being Watched

I was walking back to the car at the end of the work day yesterday, scrolling though some of the notifications on my phone when I found this… It seems that I either have a fan in a very high place, or I’m on a very dangerous watchlist. I really do hope it’s the former. I […]