Setting Goals

I don’t deadlines when it comes to my writing—I get enough of deadlines at work, I don’t need them in an activity that’s supposed to be a hobby.
But I am happy to set goals. Goals aren’t deadlines. Deadlines get you in to trouble if you miss them. Goals… Not so much.

More New Covers

Two more of my short stories that made their debut at Ruthie’s Club back in the day have also received new covers this month.

New Covers for the Ladz Girls

The Ladz Local Lovelies series of four short stories are dear to my heart for the simple reason that they represent the first stories I ever had published when they were picked up by Ruthie’s Club.

New “Kissed by a Rose” Teasers

The designing book “Teasers”—small graphics for sharing on social media that contain a short little snippet of the book’s text—is a fun distraction from all manner of life’s travails. And whenever I’m trying to get back into the ‘role’ of being Marc Nobbs, it’s one of the things that I turn to as an aide.

Release Date Confirmed

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Work has picked up for one thing—which always makes it difficult to find the time to post to the blog. But putting that aside, I’ve been spending every spare moment I’ve had working on two things.

To-Do-List Update

I thought it might be worthwhile just posting a little update with where I’m at with the various projects I’m working on.

Questions that need Answers

I’ll happily admit, I think I’m really looking forward to the next one hundred thousand words or so.

Two New Paperbacks & Another Short Story Updated

I’ve recently published two new paperback editions of my books on Amazon. Both The Slumber Party and The Big Four Ohhh! now have paperback editions in the 8×5 inch format.

My Job List Just Seems to Get Longer and Longer

So, I’m back from a short break with my family in beautiful Pembrokeshire, and I still have another week before I have to return to work. Naturally, Mrs Nobbs has a long list of jobs for me to do around the house, chief of which is to erect the greenhouse we bought from someone on Facebook at our little allotment.

Holiday Time Proves Productive

I’ve been on holiday this week. I’ve come with my family to a truly lovely part of the world, Pembrokeshire in South Wales. We’re staying in a lovely little cottage on a working Small Holding (a very small farm) and it’s been a very pleasant week so far. Unfortunately, all good things have to end and we have just one day left before we drive home on Friday.

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