Holiday Time Proves Productive

I’ve been on holiday this week. I’ve come with my family to a truly lovely part of the world, Pembrokeshire in South Wales. We’re staying in a lovely little cottage on a working Small Holding (a very small farm) and it’s been a very pleasant week so far. Unfortunately, all good things have to end and we have just one day left before we drive home on Friday.

Progress Update: A Wounded Heart, Book 3 of the Paul Robertson Saga

I think it’s fair to say that the question I get asked most when readers are kind enough to contact me is, “When is the next Paul Robertson book coming out?”

The Waiting Game Begins

So… I have a first draft of The Truths We Live. I think I’ve been able to find the balance that I spoke about a couple of days ago and I’m happy with where I’ve left Bobby & co for now. And now the waiting game begins. With the story and characters still very much fresh in my mind, it’s probably a bad idea to being working on crafting this first draft into something publishable.

Finding the Balance

I know I’ve been relatively quiet on twitter and Facebook these past few years but that’s primarily because I’ve been tweeting under my legal identity. Writing about the appalling state of politics in the world doesn’t feel appropriate on my author site or accounts, even though it’s something I did regularly in the past.

The Updated eBooks Keep on Coming

One of the good things about the Lockdown (or what we’ve called a lockdown, but never really was) has been I’d had the chance to updated and refresh some of my older publications

Two More Stories Updated

I mentioned in the last post that I’d been having trouble with the updated copy of Holodeck converting on KDP. Well, I was able to solve the problem. Turns out that the .mobi format that Amazon uses on its Kindles does not support images over 64Kb and my cover image in the copy of Holodeck was just over this size.

“Would Twins do this?” Updated

I’ve updated the cover and internals of my (very) short story “Would Twins do this?”.

Finding the Finish

I’ve always struggled with endings. I can generally start a story off, and spin a reasonably entertaining tale, but I’ve always struggled with endings.

Fancy a Slumber Party?

The Slumber Party, which I originally released using the pseudonym Phil McCavity, is the latest book to get a refresh and a rebrand. It’s now a Marc Nobbs title and is also firmly a part of the Westmouthshire Universe.

Bus-Stop gets a Makeover

The next eBook to get a make-over in my lock-down tidy-up is Bus-Stop.

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