Defending the Indefensible

I refer to my lack of blogging or indeed writing of any kind in the past week or so. The excuse is, as if you couldn’t guess, that “Real Life” is getting in the way. As it so often does. The tail end of last week I wasn’t even able to open my blog writing software during the day, let alone write anything, so busy have I been. Evenings left me shattered and climbing the wooden hill to bedfordshire at painfully early times.

The weekend wasn’t much better. A day spent digging up the hardened earth and picking weeds on the ‘jungle’ half of my allotment and a christening on Sunday, left me drained and lacking the mental capacity to write. Last night (Sunday) I sat down with my HP on my lap, opened up LiveWriter and then stared blankly at the screen for ten minutes before deciding I’d be better off asleep in my comfy bed.

It’s a shame because last week was a newsworthy week and I had a lot I wanted to say. I also had pictures of my allotment I wanted to show you. Still, while there’s not much point in my commenting on last weeks news now, I can at least post my allotment pictures. So here they are. Enjoy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to blog about something just a little bit interesting.



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