To go alongside the new Patreon, I had no idea what Discord was until I set up the Patreon, but my son is 15 and uses it and seemed very surprised when I told him I had an account. He then refused to give me the link to the chat rooms he uses for some reason. I can’t think why.

Anyway, the server link is

I’ve already created a channel for the discussion of the WIP Chapters I’ll be posting to Patreon and I’m in the process (which means I’ll do it when I get around to it) of setting up separate channels for all the other books too.

Please do join me on Discord if you feel like it. I have the app on my phone so I’ll be able to respond to messages posted there.

Join my patreon

From the start of September 2021, I’ll be posting new chapters from two novels I’m currently working on, each weekend. the only way to read them is by joining my Patreon.

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