Editing a Distraction

I wrote back in May last year, about the closure of Mundania Press and its imprints, which includes the publisher of three of my books, Phaze. That means that all three books, Kissed by a Rose, Eternally & Evermore, and Lost & Found no longer appear on Amazon or any other e-book store. 

Actually, that’s slightly wrong, Eternally & Evermore still has an entry on Amazon, but the book isn’t available for sale on its page. 

This, of course, leaves me with a terrific opportunity, but one that I’ve failed to take advantage of over the last six for seven months. What I need to do is design new covers and format new e-books to upload to my Amazon account. 

I suppose I should also use this opportunity to go through and update all three books. KbaR and E&E have always been firmly part of my Westmouthshire universe—in fact, the former introduced the location and the latter was the book that made it a ‘universe’—but L&F has always been outside of the series. So now that the book ‘out of print’ and the rights to publish back with me, this is an opportunity to slightly re-con the book so that it finally fits squarely in the series—a few well-placed references should do it. 

The other two books could also probably stand to have a good going over—a read through to pick up any errors that may have slipped through the editor’s net when first published or any continuity errors that have been retrospectively introduced by later books in the Westmouthshire series. 

All that though is, of course, a distraction from the fact that in the three books I’m currently ‘writing’ (believe me, the quotes are appropriate) I’ve written myself into corners and stalled on all of them. Maybe editing something else will help get those creative juices flowing again. 

Either way, if I can find the time (and that’s always a big IF these days) I’ll make a start and hopefully, in the coming months, I’ll be able to relaunch three books, and include them in Kindle Unlimited for the time. 

Here’s hoping. 


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