Facebook idiocy strikes again

I have no words. Really, I don’t.

This article in the Daily Mail (again – sorry), is about Facebook removing the page for Warwick University Rowing Club because they were using it to promote their charity calender, because they thought it was pornographic.

Well, that’s how the Mail put it, but we all know that what actually is that someone reported the images as containing nudity.

Now, in fairness, they did. It’s a nude calender. But ever since “Calender Girls”, tasteful nude calenders for charity has been a “thing”. And you can’t argue that these images aren’t tasteful because they are.

It boggles the mind what sort of person would report these images, knowing they would then likely be taken down. The calender was rasing money for Macmillan Cancer Support – the organisation that helps look after people with that deadly condition.

So screw you whoever reported this page. You suck. I hope one day you need the support of the Macmillan nurses, and maybe then you’ll look back and realise just how shitty your actions were.

In the meantime, you might want to get hold of a copy of the calender and support the charity yourself. Go get it here

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