Feel my Audit!

20 Notes New I must apologise for the lack of a “Wednesday Words” post yesterday. I had scheduled in an excerpt from one of my own short stories, but as it turned out I simply didn’t have the time to put it together. The first three days of this week saw my annual audit of accounts, and within a UK law firm this is a very, very big deal.

We hold large sums of money on behalf of our clients for any number of reasons and because of that we are subject to a set of rules that govern how we handle that money as laid out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and subject to tight government regulations regarding money laundering and serious organised crime. In fact, there is even a comprehensive list of people who, should they try to engage our services, we are obliged to inform the government of. And yes, Osama Bin Laden is on the list (like he’s ever going to want to buy a house in rural Northamptonshire).

As the financial manager, ensuring that the firm complies with all the rules and regulations is part of my job description, so I’ve spent three days running around the office and generally making sure the auditors have what they need, know what they need to know and are happy we’re playing by the rules.

But the audit is over now, so I’m expecting life to go back to some semblance of normality.


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