Feeling Refreshed after a Day Trip to London (With Photos)

I’m back from a week’s holiday and I’m feeling better for it (although I’d rather not have to return to work but there are bills to be paid so I have no choice. I’m as much a wage slave as anyone else in 2013). Well, I say ‘returned’ but I didn’t actually go anywhere. Instead I just had a week chilling at home with the family and as such I decided to put my Nobbs persona aside for the duration – it seemed only fair.

Of course, returning from a holiday, how ever short, means you return to all the work that built up while you’re away and that’s as true for Marc Nobbs as it is for the man behind the smut and his wage-slave job.

On the Nobbs side of things, I’ve got a short (short? It’s nearly 15k words!) story to edit and polish ready for release and a novel to get back to writing. On the wage-slave side of things… Well, let’s not go there.

One of my holiday days I took Jr to London for the first time. He was suitably impressed with all the buildings, Buck House, St. Paul’s etc, but was a bit annoyed at the lack of Ferraris driving around capital. Still, here are a few pictures of Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and the view the Stone Gallery (357 steps!) of St. Paul’s cathedral.

2013-08-13 10.53.05

2013-08-13 10.53.18

2013-08-13 11.14.46

2013-08-13 11.24.12

2013-08-13 11.35.48

2013-08-13 12.12.07

2013-08-13 12.14.15

2013-08-13 12.20.03

2013-08-13 12.22.42

2013-08-13 15.37.22

2013-08-13 15.39.47


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