Friday Already?

Yes, it appears it is. God, this week’s gone quick. Still, January is nearly over and with all the shit that’s happened this January, that’s something to be thankful for.

I started work last night on updating/re-writing one of my older stories, Bus-stop. I’m over half way done (in just a couple of hours, so that’s not bad going) and I think I could have it done by the weekend if I put my mind to it instead of watching some DVD or playing table tennis on the Wii.

I’ve altered the story from a first to third part narrator and what I’ve written so far adds more details and so is about half as long again as the section it replaced. So at this rate the story could be somewhere between one and a half and twice as long as it was.

I’ve also designed a new cover for the .pdf version and I’ll be creating other e-book formats to complement it. I’m also considering making it a “two-part” story on SOL, posting the second half a few days after the first.

When all that is done I’ll go back to my WIP and write a chapter or so then tackle the second of my free stories. I’m doing them alphabetically, so Claire will be the second story to be rewritten.

Finally, some of you may know that former Prime Minister Tony Blair is appearing at the Iraq Inquiry in London today. He’ll give evidence and defend the decisions he made in taking us into the war. On the radio this morning the presenters asked “What do you want Mr Blair to say”. My answer? “I’d rather he said nothing and just quietly went away.”

Sorry, I know a lot of people have very strong feelings about the war and that the people lost loved ones want ‘answers’. But honestly, what answers can they expect to get? What’s done is done. The past is past and we can’t change it. Dwelling on it or trying to “punish” or “blame” someone for it won’t do anyone any good. And in the end, History will pass judgement and History can be a harsh judge.

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