Frustrating on the one hand, Not so much on the other

Last week I polished off chapter 19 of my WIP, currently titled “A Good Man” but as always this may change. (Actually, to give it its full working title it’s “The Coming of Age Saga – Book 1:A Good Man”) I also started chapter 20. I’ve written two hundred words of 20, but that’s it. And every time I’ve sat down to write the rest of the chapter, I’ve failed. I keep getting interrupted, which is really quite frustrating, especially as the whole dam chapter and the next couple that follow it are sitting in my brain trying to get out.

On the other hand, the reasons for the interruptions are not entirely unpleasant, such as the little boy wanting to play. So that takes the sting out of the frustration.

I’m also very pleased that the chapters seem to be sticking around in my head. Yes, they are desperate to get out, but they’re not being impatient and going off to play elsewhere leaving me with nothing to write when I am finally able to find the time to write it.

It just so happens that the story is a point of some pretty important revelations. There was a pretty big one in chapter 19, there’s a pretty big one to come in chapter 20, as well as some set up for the future, and there will also be some big developments in the chapters that follow. After that, we’ll hit the first real emotional low-point for our first-person narrator, Paul, so those chapters might be difficult to write. But he’ll get over it only to hit a second, bigger, emotional low later on.

And that’s only in book one. The second book – which is already developing in my head – will see him hit an emotional brick wall and have to struggle to find the help to climb over it.

I do seem to be full of ideas at the moment. I’ve got what I think will be a very different idea that I’d like to develop, and it is currently so strong in my head I may have to work on it in-between books one and two of “Coming of Age”, just to clear it out of my head.

But that’s for the future. I need to finish this first book before I decide anything about what to do next.

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