Header Graphics

Since I rebooted the site using WordPress rather than Joomla (which Google kept telling me had been compromised even though it hadn’t), I’ve had one standard blog header – this one :


You can probably make out that it features the site name superimposed on top of a collage of the illustrations from Ruthie’s that went with my stories and the covers of my novels. When I made this, I kept the GIMP .xcf file so that at some point I’d be able to create different headers if I wanted to. Then I discovered that my WordPress theme (which is just the basic one – nothing fancy) was able to cope with picking a random header with each page view, from pretty well as many as I could make.

So, I now have ten and you’ll see a different one each time you visit. I plan to keep adding new ones as and when I feel inclined to do a bit of messing about with GIMP. In the mean time here are the new headers. Most of them feature selected cut out portions from the covers of my novels and anthologies. There is one that features a cut out from a proposed new cover for Reunion. And two feature collages of first the anthology covers, then the novel covers.










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