Heaven in Leather–Now Available

cover 250One of my older shorts, Heaven in Leather, is now available in a heavily revised form as part of Kindle Unlimited or for 99c/99p to purchase.

It’s now listed under one of my psedonyms, Knobbie Knobbs.

Here’s the blurb and old cover.

A sexy motorbike rider clad in red leathers that hug her every curve. A young, perpetually horny narrator. What more do you need to know? A simple stroke story with a twist in the tail.

And here is a short excerpt.

Harsh spring light seeped into the room through the crack in the curtains, waking me from my dream. The same dream I’d been having off and on for the past several weeks, in fact. It featured this biker-chick who passed me on the way to work every morning—a vision of heaven in tight red leather, blonde hair flying behind her from under her equally red helmet. Although, to be honest, in the dream, she wasn’t wearing the leather for long. She kept the helmet on though.

Perhaps that was because I had a good idea of how curvaceous her body was, but had no idea what her face looked like. You see, I only ever saw her in the morning as she passed me. Generally I’d be stuck in traffic and she’d weave her way through it on that jet black bike of hers.

Black bike. Red leathers. Nice combination.

She lingered in my thoughts even as the dream faded.

Unconsciously, I reached down and wrapped my hand around the erection the dream had left me with and stroked it steadily. With my free hand, I fished a tissue out of the box on the bedside cabinet. After all, I didn’t really want to make a mess.

I pulled my foreskin back slowly, revealing the angry purple knob. It had been far too long since I’d sunk that fucker into a tight, warm cunt. Far, far too long.

I built up from a steady rhythm—wanking harder and faster until I could feel the orgasm building in my balls. Grunting from the sensation, I clenched my stomach muscles, tipped my head back and stopped stroking as jets of sticky white cum split my cock open and shot into the waiting tissue.

Then I relaxed, breathing hard but sated for the time being. An orgasm is simply the best way to start the day, even if it is self-induced.

But if I thought that having an early morning tug would quell my urges for the day, I was sadly mistaken. Young, horny and under-fucked, that was me.


An hour later I sat in heavy traffic on the dual carriageway when that familiar sleek, black motorbike with the red rider overtook me. It was her. My Heaven in Leather. My dream girl. Literally.

I’ll admit that I’d always been fascinated with motorbikes, but never plucked up the courage to buy one. Guess that was the effect of all the scare-stories my mother filled my head with when I was younger.

But as best I could judge from the all too brief glimpses I got of it each morning, this looked like a fine machine. I have to be honest though, it was the vision in red atop it that always caught my eye. The one-piece suit hugged her curves and made my mouth water. And my cock hard.

She passed me every day, and every day I craned my neck to watch her weave in and out of the cars until she was out of sight and then images of just what I do to her if I ever got her out of that suit ran through my head for the rest of my journey to work.


Like I said, I was horny that day. Hell, I was horny most days, but I was particularly horny that day. Maybe it was my time of the month. Do men get a time of the month? I don’t know. The point is, I couldn’t get the image of that biker chick out of my head. Those curves. That red leather. Those curves. That blonde hair. Those curves. That bike. Those curves…

It left me with an annoying erection that I did my best to conceal by trapping it in the waistband of my boxers. But I found myself unable to concentrate on anything and knew that eventually I’d have to do something about it. Obviously, I would have preferred to satisfy my needs with one of the girls working on the checkouts, but even if I had the authority to get them a few minutes break I’d have more likely been had up on harassment charges than gotten my end away. They were just a bunch of cock-teases, all of them. Even the old ones.

So instead, I hurried off the to the gents and prayed nobody would come in and catch me when I locked myself in a cubicle, took my cock in hand and beat-off like a mad-man. I thought it might take me a while to come, having already done so once that morning, but I shot off really quickly, and powerful, healthy spurts they were, too. It seemed that my gonads had a touch of the old spring fever.


You can read Heaven in Leather for no additional cost is you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, or purchase it for 99c/99p – click here

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