How’s Your Lockdown?

Prime Minister Johnson (still feels wrong to say that—how did that man become PM?) announced that life as the UK knew it was being put on hold for the time being back on 23rd March.

That was pretty inconvenient if I’m completely honest. And caused me a fair bit of work that I could have done without. Part of my remit at work is Head of IT. Well, I said “Head”, basically, it’s just me.

So that meant it fell to me to make sure that as many of our staff were able to work from home as possible. Cue the setting up of laptops, reconfiguring the remote desktop server to cope with up to four times as many users as usual and setting profiles for everyone on MS Teams.

So I speant the firt week of “Lockdown” in an ever increasingly empty office, working my bollocks off before I was finally able to work from home myself.

And even now, over a month later, I’m still having to head to the office every couple of days because we still have clients who insit on using cheques and those cheques need to be either written out or paid on.

I’ll be honest, I’m 50/50 on the whole working from home thing. IF the kids were at school, it would be brilliant, because I wouldn’t be getting intterupted (by them or by the folks at work) have as much as I do when I’m in the office, which means I’d get much more done.

But, that said, everything just takes that little bit longer from home—like scanning, for example. My scanner is a lot slower than the enterprise class copier we have in the office (which will even scan documents through the feeder on both sides simultaneously).

During a conversation with my boss today (on the phone, not in person) we both said pretty much the same—things take longer. But we agreed that it is what it is and we’ve just got to get through it.

It is what it is.


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