I feel no Guilt

For once, I can say I feel no guilt what-so-ever for failing to update this blog for the past week. Last Sunday I drove from my home in Northampton, down the M1, around the M25 and along the M20, to Dover, where I got on a ferry to cross the Channel to France and then onwards to finally, after several weeks apart, see my wife and son – my family.

I swear, the look on Jr’s face as he stood on the doorstep watching me get out of the car, the speed with which he ran down the path, the force with which he threw himself at me and the strength with which he hugged me to him as I carried him back to the house to greet his mother are things that will stay with me forever. It was like something from a movie – the sort of greeting from their offspring that every father must dream of.

Forgive me for not being able to hold back the tears at that point – or indeed from fighting them back now as I recall it.

So this week I’ve spent getting re-acquainted with my family. We haven’t been anywhere special or done anything of note – just spent some quality time together as a family. And for that reason I feel no guilt at all in neglecting this blog.

Some things in life are more important.

We’re going back home tomorrow (Monday) and I still have another week before I have to return to work, so don’t expect many blog updates next week either – I’ll still be doing the family thing.

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