I nearly died. I did, honest.

Okay, so I’m fibbing and making my journey to work this morning sound more dramatic than it actually was, and I know I shouldn’t really joke about this when there are worse things happening down under right now, but hey, times are tough and we all need to put a smile on our face somehow.

Seriously though, to everyone in Victoria right now, God Bless, my thoughts are with you.

So, my journey to work. It was pretty awful this morning. The main road I normally take was shut thanks to serve ice on the road. Of course, they didn’t tell anyone until they actually shut it and by the time it came on the radio traffic I was already there and having to turn around and take the long route. Unfortunately, the long route is a winding country road. Single lane in either direction, just as icy, and everyone was forced to take it. So, naturally, it was gridlocked. i was crawling along at… Well, I went four miles in under an hour. So that would be about four miles an hour then, right?

I had a meeting scheduled for 9:30 but didn’t get in until 10. I had another meeting and 10:30 and by the time that was over, my day was pretty much shot. I’ve got a massive headache as a result, I’m totally off my routine. i hate it. Just hate it. And why am I like this? A bit of bloody ice on roads that should have be gritted but haven’t because the county has run out. Great.

Actually, sitting in the car going nowhere doesn’t annoy me as much as it does some people. It’s the way it puts you behind when you get there that gets up my nose. And I can understand why they took the precaution to close the road because over the past week or so I’ve seen some real idiots on the road. I’m talking about people who must have trouble seeing where they are going because the testicles attached to that dick on their forehead must hang in front of their eyes. Total bloody dickheads.

I’ve seen people trying to drive at ‘normal’ speeds on snow and ice covered roads that demand very low speeds. And for these type of people, ‘normal’ is usually twice as fast as everyone else in any case. I’ve even seen truck drivers driving at crazy speeds for the road conditions.

I’ve always said that it’s not speed that kills, it’s inappropriate speed. And when the road is untreated and covered in snow/ice, 50, 60, 70 mph is inappropriate. Hell, sometimes even 30 is too fast on roads like that.

So, today I was sitting in my car listening to the radio and not really going anywhere fast. The phone in on FiveLive was all about the job market and how difficult it is for people who’ve lost jobs to find new ones since there aren’t really any around right now. It was quite depressing. There has been a few good news stories over the past week in terms of the economy, but things are still pretty bad The country, indeed the world, could really do with something to pull it together and put a smile on its face. Something to make us feel good about ourselves might help kick-start the economy again. After all, everything the government has tried hasn’t worked so far.

Mind you, what that event might be…. It’s anyone’s guess really.


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