I’m a part of the YouTube generation. Sort of.

I have, today, for the first time, uploaded a video to YouTube. It’s a bit silly really, but I videoed my journey to work on my Phone. now, I know that it’s sounds dangerous holding the camera steady while driving, but actually, I used Blu-tac to stick the phone to the windscreen, so I use both hands to drive.

YouTube only allows vids to be ten minutes and it takes me the best part of an hour to drive to work, so I only filmed the second half of the trip. And even then I had to split it in two.

This first part is my journey From Sainsbury’s at Sixfields in Northampton (where I stopped of petrol), through Sixfields and along the A43. The second vid is my progress through the town of Towcester to my parking spot.

I told you it was silly. Perhaps I’d be better off roaming the streets at night and filming myself beating up some poor sod. Oh, no, sorry, you have to be 14 to that.

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