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Is it Thursday Already?

I can’t quite believe how quickly this week has gone. I suppose all the running around I’ve done this week is the reason for it having flown by – well, from my perspective at least. It’s just been one thing after another quite honestly. And the piles of work on my desk to not seem to have gotten any smaller despite my going ten-to-the-dozen. If anything, they’ve gotten bigger. Still, at least we got paid this week. Of course, I run payroll, so getting paid involves more work for me – but that’s one job I’m more than happy to do.

Running around trying to get an online web conference sorted when the technical problems are at the other end – isn’t. I’m supposed to be the “Accounts Manager”, so why do I end up doing IT as well?

Sorry, moan over.

On a different topic, I’m chuffed by the spike in website visits I’ve had this week. I guess it’s proof that freshening things up often pays dividends. All I need to do now is translate those visits into book sales. Of course, I’d guess the majority of visits were prompted by the promise of a free book, and my Google stats holds that out to be true because the number of hits on the “Free Stories” page is pretty much the same as the homepage hits. So hopefully, people have downloaded Reunion and will now read it, love it and go out and buy Charlotte’s Secret, Lost&Found and wait eagerly for Kissed by a Rose.

Hey, it’s nice to be an optimist about some things.

Of course, this leaves me a dilemma – do I spend time making amendments to the website, or working on my WIP. Or Blogging. Or Promoting. The demands on my “Free Time” are considerable. “Free Time” is, of course, defined as time when I’m not doing the day job or spending time with my family.

So, I’ll leave you with today’s useless fact. I saw it on Twitter and had to retweet it and now I’m blogging it too. did you know that 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 ?

Told you it was useless. Aren’t i sad?

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