Isn’t it Always the way?

Isn’t it always the way that when you’ve got tons and tons you want to blog about, you can’t find the time to write an entry?
Since last Wednesday, I’ve had no time at all to write for my blog, or for anything else for that matter. Which is a shame because I’d have loved to have been able to talk about the amount of money that Sarah Palin was spending on clothes (actually, I’d love to spend the amount of money that Sarah Palin does on clothes). And then there were things in my ‘real’ life that would have made good entries too. But it wasn’t to be. Work and family took up all my time. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be free to write a bit more this week.
This weekend, I went away with my little family–my wife and son. We went to Swansea, on the south Wales coast, which is where Mrs Nobbs and I met some 11 years ago. It was odd going back there after all these years away. The city has changed in so many ways with tons of development going on along the waterfront and in the entertainment district.
But then, we’ve changed a lot too. From young kids in love to a committed married couple with a little boy.
Anyway. This is just a late night post to say hi, and deny all the rumors that I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. I haven’t. Sorry to disappoint those of you who’d been celebrating early.
I’ve got a few very personal posts I’d like to make over the next few days. So here’s hoping I’ll be able to find the time.


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