Kicking the Habit

I’ve had Chloe’s Education open on my computer all day and as I write this at three-thirty I’ve written a sum total of 70 words. Yep, you read that right, 70. Not 700, or 7000 (that would be a good day), but 70. It’s piss poor really. And I’ve got no excuse—it’s not like I’ve been busy today. So why then have I written so little when today is an ideal opportunity? MySpace. Damn MySpace. It’s a habit I really need to get out of. Some people need to give up smoking, I need to kick the MySpace habit. But whereas smokers get patches and gum and lots of NHS help, what will I get to ditch my vice? Nothing. Not a thing. Zilch.

I wonder, if I appeal to Gordon directly, will he start a “Get clear of MySpace” government program? He might, I mean he’s pretty desperate at the moment and I tell you, if he diverted government money my way to help my get over my MySpace addiction – I might actually consider one day maybe voting for him. A couple of million should do it.

So, there we go. I need the help of our dour PM. I wonder if he’s on MySpace, I’ll add him and then leave him a comment asking for his help.

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