Let me (re)Introduce Myself

Daniel-Craig-James-BondThe name’s Nobbs. Marc Nobbs. And I’m a very, very bad boy indeed.

You see, I’m been neglecting this blog and this whole website in general. I’ve not added all the book pages, I’ve not been posting blog entries. I’ve just been very, very bad indeed. Oh, I’ve got the usual excuses – real life is getting in the way, I’d forgotten how much a work a nearly-one-year-old is and all the rest of them you can think off. But the fact is, I should have been finding the time to update the blog and I haven’t been.

So, Let me re-introduce myself. I’m Marc Nobbs. Black Country born & bred. Author of six erotic romance novels and a host more short stories. As English as they come and proud of it. Father of two, husband of one. I count other people’s money for a living, love to read, watch movies & TV and cook. I also garden and do those pesky little DIY jobs my wife keeps giving me.

Work on my seventh novel, the second in a series of three, has stalled, but I’m determined to get my arse in gear and get working on it again. I’m also determined to get on and finished of this website to some sort of acceptable state and keep updating this blog.

This is my solemn vow. Although, you know me, so we’ll just have to see how long it lasts.

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