Life always seems to “Get in the Way”

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post on this main blog, which seems like an age and yet like only yesterday. You know it’s been too long since the last post when Facebook starts sending you notifications to post something to your page because your fans are missing you—which is somewhat ironic given the way Facebook totally undermines the organic reach of posts, particularly posts with links to other websites in them. The only way to get decent reach of posts on a Facebook page for the past few years is to “boost” the post (i.e. pay for it to be seen more).


It’s not like I’ve been lazy for the past three weeks. I think I’ve already explained elsewhere about setting up a blog under my legal name that I’ve posted a couple of articles to, and that I’m the only member of my team at work not currently on furlough leaving me with even more work than usual.

So I’m spending most of my days at my desk in my Home Office, busily working away to help keep the business ticking over so that when the COVID-19 crisis is over we can all hit the ground running and no-one needs to ‘make way’.

It’s hard. To go from working in a busy office with lots of people around to working on your own and only communicating by e-mail rather than just walking into someone’s room is unusual and not all that pleasant.

Yes, I have my family around me, and I really do appreciate being able to sit down and have lunch with them every day. And yes, there are times I can be more productive at home than at the office.

But working from home (almost) every day is a challenge, for sure.

That said, I think when all this is over, I’ll be putting in a request to work from home at least once a week. There are times when I need to get my head down and get on with things without interruption and that is proving easier from home than in a busy office when anyone could walk in at any moment and ask for this, that or the other.

We are certainly living in interesting times. Times which may, just may, change the world we’ve known for many years in some quite fundamental ways.

Stay safe everyone.

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