Lost & Found Re-issued

Earlier this week, I completed my review and reformat of the final of my Phaze publications, Lost & Found, the publishing rights of which reverted back to me after Phaze closed.

The book went live on Amazon on Thursday and so is now available to purchase or to read as part of your KU subscription.

Lost & Found tells the story of Chris Austins, who travels across the Atlantic to comfort his ‘cyber-lover’, Beth, following the loss of her baby brother in Iraq.

The story was originally written for Ruthie’s Club and published by them in 4 parts. Phaze picked up six months later and published it in a single volume, but still in four parts.

I have now restructured the story so that it is told in 14 chapters. And at just under 28,000 words, it’s a quick read too.

While written before I created Westmouthshire, I have now changed a few things (like Chris’ home town) in order to make it part of the shared Universe. (I believe this is called a “retcon”). Why would I do that? Because I can. And because it leaves the door open for me to use the characters again at some point in the future.

I guess we’ll just have to see about that.

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