Monday Morning Flash – “Bathtime”

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? It’s Monday again and that means I’m serving up another little flash.

This is another old one. I hope you like it. I plan on writing some new ones. Eventually. If I can squeeze them in. Trouble is, despite their diminutive size, Flash takes a long time to write. It’s all about picking the best phrase, the best word, to say what you want in the shortest way possible.

Anyway, here’s Bathtime. Enjoy.

(296 words)

Natalie’s university accommodation dashed her hopes of escaping her prudish parents. She was staying in St.  Sandrine’s, an all female hall of residence run by a strict matron.

One evening, four months into her course, Natalie finished an assignment and decided to have a long bath, rather than sneak out to the pub with her friends. The hall only had one bathroom and it was rare to find one of the two baths free.

She locked herself in the cubicle and shaved her legs while she waited for the bath to fill. The walls separating the cubicles were thin. Natalie could hear the other bath being filled. She considered calling out to her neighbour, but didn’t in case it was someone she didn’t know very well. She settled down for a relaxing soak instead.

She lay, eyes half closed, and let the water’s warmth sooth her aching body. There were sounds coming from the other cubicle again. Water sloshed and a woman moaned. Whoever was next door had smuggled in a man and was getting a right royal seeing to.

Lucky bitch, thought Natalie. Her nipples stiffened. She pinched them hard and stifled a moan. She slid her hands down her body and dipped her fingers into her honey pot.

The woman’s moans got louder, more urgent. Natalie’s fingers worked frantically. She was so horny she ached. In no time, she came. She couldn’t stifle the resultant cries. The lovers next door must have heard. The sloshing of the water increased.

He was fucking her faster. They came noisily together.

Natalie took the time to recover and then got out of the bath. She pulled on her robe and opened the door at the same time as the other woman. “Oh, good evening, Matron. Have fun?”

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