Monday Morning Flash – “Mind the Gap”

This little piece was inspired by a late night train rife I took with an old girlfriend many years ago. Enjoy.


Mind the Gap

(292 words)

Amy and I met friends for an Indian meal last Saturday, our first night out since we got back from honeymoon. We took the underground so we could enjoy a drink—Amy enjoys a fruity Pinot Gris.

By the time the food arrived, Amy had polished off half a bottle and was getting as fruity as the wine. She rubbed my bulging cock through my jeans and wasn’t subtle about it, either. Our friends must have guessed what she was up to.

We caught the 23:27 home—a deserted, rickety old train. The high-backed seats provided plenty of privacy. As soon as we sat down, Amy kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I mauled her beautiful tits through her blouse and slipped a hand up her skirt to finger her pussy. She was dripping wet and smelled ripe.

She struggled to unbutton my fly, took out my cock, and wanked it. As the train slowed and pulled into a station, I lay my jacket over my crotch. Amy kept her hand movements small until the train jerked back to life. She leaned over, ducked under my jacket, and swallowed my cock. I was doing my best on her pussy, but found it hard to concentrate.

Amy was past caring when the train next stopped. So was I, come to think of it. I stifled a cry and filled her mouth before the train started moving again. She swallowed almost every drop. Amy lifted her head from my lap, looked me in the eye, and smiled. She wiped a drop of semen from the corner of her mouth.

There was a wicked look in her eye as she sucked her finger clean. “Hmm, saltier than usual. Must have been the curry.”

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