Need to Get my Arse in Gear

It’s time I started writing again. What with the holiday in the middle of August, returning to a mountain of work that I still haven’t really caught up with, and then what happened last week, I’ve written very, very little of my WIP in the past month or so. Shame really, cause I left it at a pretty interesting point. It should be easy to pick up the thread of the story – if I can just find it within myself to actually start writing again.

2010-09-20 08.34.45 On a different note, I’ve uploaded a new profile pic to Twitter, Facebook et al. It’s on the right. What do you think? I like of think of myself as a bit of a trendsetter with that cap. So I was only mildly upset when one of the girls at work said “Eh Up, Granddad, where’s yer bike?”

Another of the girls said she could see me in the hat, standing in some field with my trousers tucked into my wellies, sporting a Harris Tweed jacket with my shotgun sitting in the crook of my arm. Yeah, like I can afford Harris Tweed.

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