New WIP – Quick Extract

So, I mentioned on Facebook earlier today that my WIP is currently at 12000 words and I asked if anyone wanted to read a “raw” and “unedited” sample.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, the consensus was… “Hell Yeah!”

So here it is. This comes with a couple of warnings. 1) Adults only, obviously. 2)It’s unedited – that means there may well be typos or non-perfect grammar and might well change a lot before it is finally published. But still, here it is.

By the time I got back to my armchair, the menu showing the contents of the stick was on the screen. I’d seen most of the movies on there already (some with Grace and some without), so I used the remote to order the files by date, with the most recent at the top. The file was called “DDV-Hornylildevil”. I hit “PLAY”.

The screen went black then faded up on a very, very beautiful young woman. She was sitting on the edge of a bed wearing lacy black underwear that contrasted with her china-doll pale skin. I believe the style of bra she wore is often called a “Balconette” or something, but whatever it was it was doing a very poor job of containing her boundless bosom.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Dominque D’ville and I’m a horny little devil.”

“Fuck!” I said as I stared at the screen.

She wore a black wig and ‘goth’ style make-up—heavy black eye-shadow, black lipstick, you know what I mean, but despite that there was no mistaking those cheekbones or those bright blue eyes or that wicked, wicked smile. Dominque D’ville was, in fact, Dominque Jackson-Jones, my step-daughter.

As this revelation set in, Dom was joined on screen by three porn-studs who quickly divested her of what little clothing she had, lay her back on the bed and one of them buried his face between her legs while the other two positioned themselves by her head and she alternated sucking on each of their cocks.

I was transfixed as the action rapidly progressed from oral to penetration and beyond. I watched my queen-bitch of step-daughter get fucked on her back and fucked doggy style. I watched her ride one cock cowboy style, and another in reverse. And it seemed like she always had a cock in mouth.

One of the guys eased his massive dick up her arse and pounded her mercilessly. Then he lay back and she lowered her arsehole back onto his cock and one of the other guys stepped between her spread legs to spear her cunt with his prick.

Fucking Double Penetration!

Sure, I’d seen that in porn before, but this was DOM! This was my step-daughter with both her holes filled. With all three holes filled actually since she didn’t have to wait long before the third and final cock in the room was shoved in her gob.

“Oh shit!” a voice whispered from behind me. I barely heard it over the muffled cries of passion and grunting studs on the telly.

I whipped my head around and found, standing in the doorway looking for all the world like she’d just woken up—and yet still looking freakishly gorgeous despite this—the very woman currently getting pounded from all angles on the screen.

So… There you go. This is the set-up for what follows. If you’re really good, then I may publish more samples as I continue to write.

This story does not yet have a title. In fact, it’s the story that I launched a contest on Facebook to give a title to. You can see the entries here. The winner and new title of this story will be announced in January.

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