Parkland Independent Books is Marc’s own publishing house, which exclusively publishes ebooks written by Marc Nobbs either under his name or under one of several pseudonyms.


as Marc Nobbs

The Westmouthshire Novels

Kissed by a Rose

Eternally & Evermore

A Good Man

A Tortured Soul

The Big Four Ohhh!

Charlotte’s Secret

The Lies We Lead

Westmouthshire Shorts

Ladz Local Lovelies 56 : Laura

Ladz Local Lovelies 58 : Emma

Ladz Local Lovelies 62 : Rebecca

Ladz Local Lovelies 65 : Carla

Other Novels

Lost & Found

Short Stories

Extended Family, Measuring Up, Private Party, Public Performance, Scratched, Six-Thirty Sleeper to Paris, Would Twins Do This, Holly & Ivy


as “Knobbie Knobbs”



Short Stories

Sun, Sea & Shagging, Phonecalls & Memories, Heaven in Leather, Holodeck, Memorable Holiday, Sopie’s Tutor, Two Birds & a Bloke, Bus Stop, Claire

as “Phil McAvity”

The Slumber Party

as “C. N. Lingus”

Banging my Teammates

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