Settling in

We set out this morning bright and early at quarter past eight expecting a nice easy drive down the M1, round the M25 and along the M20 to Dover. We had meant to leave dead on eight, but that’s besides the point.

And a nice easy drive is pretty much what we got. It is Sunday after all so there wasn’t much traffic on the roads. The stretch of the M1 that they spent all that time and money widening over the past 18 months or so has made a huge difference. In some parts it’s six lanes each way one, which I can tell you, is just really really weird to drive on. We did encounter some Scunthorpe supporters on their way down to Wembley for the Johnston Paints Trophy at the South Mimms services, which was a bit intimidating for the little one. I don’t think he’s ever come across a large group of fully grown men chanting and being generally blokeish. Still, they got beat by Luton in the match itself, so I bet they weren’t quite as loud on the way home.

We got to Dover at midday having stopped twice on the route. You can do Northampton to Dover in under two and a half hours if you don’t stop and get a good clear run, but to do it in less than four having stopped twice is pretty good going. We timed the arrival well as we didn’t have to sit around on the docks for very long before getting on the boat – the Sea France Rodin. Very nice boat. Crossing was smooth and calm. It’s been a hot and sunny day so it was strange to see quite so much mist coming off the Channel.

And, as always, driving on the Frrench Autoroute is a dream. You rarely see another car. It can be quite tiring, but I had Mrs nobbs to keep me awake with her mouth (she talks a lot you dirty minded pervs. My son was in the back seat remember.)

So, here I am, not sure if the clock on my laptop has set itself to French time or not after realising it’s connected to a French wireless broadband hotspot. I’ve already written a couple of hundred more words of Amy & Will’s story, so that’s not bad. Hopefully, I can write a couple of hundred a day and I’ll be happy.

Here’s to a relaxing week.

ps, I’ll try and twitter when I’m writing, but for some reason my mobile phone isn’t receiving a signal yet here in France. It always has before so this is odd. Mrs Nobbs’ phone isn’t getting a signal either. Very strange that but it does mean I can’t send tweets by text. Anyways, have a good week everyone. TTFN.

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