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Like most people who operate a website, I keep an eye on the stats—the number of visitors to the site, the pages they hit and where the traffic is coming from. As well as the in-built WordPress stats, Goolge analytics is great for this. The fact there is a plug-in to the WP admin console for this is even better.

It’s particularly interesting to see where the hit are coming from and which search terms are causing my site to appear in results.

These, for example, are the terms where pages my main author site appeared :

Those all mostly make sense to me. Big Ed is a reference to a fellow writer who also runs an erotic comics website and the Ruthie’s Club illustrations from some of my stories are featured there. I’ve linked to the pages the illustrations are on from a post on my website. Big Ed himself also made a guest post of a Flash story back in 2010.

The “Fiesta Readers Wives Stories” is related to the Ladz Local Lovelies series of stories, which I have described in the past as being a bit like a “Readers Wives'” shoot.

“Evermore in a sentence” will be related to “Eternally & Evermore” – pretty much goes without saying that one.

But… Look a this…

These are the most recent search terms that served up a link to one of the pages on The Grumpy Blog or From Across the Pond.

Search terms for From Across the Pond
Search Terms for The Grumpy Blog

Who, I hear you ask, the fuck is Debbie Delmar?

Well, back in 2014 she was in an article on the Daily Mail website in which it was claimed she had the largest fake boobs in Britain. And I blogged about it. It was a bit of a rant, actually. Ms Delmar replied as well. She wasn’t too happy with me bolg.

Now, this was SIX YEARS AGO. And yet my page is still showing up in searches for Debbie Delmar. That’s pretty incredible, right? Six years.


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