Sorry, It’s been a while…

I? Apologise for my absence. But what are you going to do? Sue me? It’s not like you’re paying for this shit. And not many people are, so… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Returning to the Blog

My last post here was August last year, following the utter cock-up that the government made of the A-level results. My intention in starting this blog wasn’t really to spend all my time having a go at the failing government—which is good because that be a full-time job such are their failures—but instead it was supposed to be a place to express the thoughts, questions & ideas that swim around in my noggin at a bit more length than Twitter allows.


Facebook is an odd platform, isn’t it? It’s a multi-billion-dollar company whose main income—indeed, I believe its only income—is advertising. And yet, when was the last time you can honestly say that you bought something, be it goods or services, because you saw an ad for it on Facebook?

Post Update

You’ll know if you’ve read this post that I’ve started a new blog under my legal name. I just wanted to note that on that blog I’ve written an updated version of my recent post about Prime Minister’s Questions #PMQs.

A New Journey, A New Blog

I’ve started another new blog but under my legal name this time. I’ve done this before, blogged under my own name, but in the past I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it.

The Writing Habit

2015—5 years ago now—was the last time I was particularly active as a writer, both from the actual writing point of view and a promotional one. My last book was published in June of that year, for example.

A Different Voice

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’d reached a stage in The Truths We Live that was causing me some bother.
Well, I’m please to say that I’ve written said blog post and got past the roadblock.

Monday Musings

I’m still trying to get back into the routine of blogging regularly—and of posting to my Facebook page regularly, for whatever that is worth with the piss poor way Facebook handles posts on Pages—but it takes some effort to get back into the swing of it properly. One of the issues is, “What do I […]

The Power of Proper Tags

Over on The Grumpy Blog, I posted a piece on Ms Debbie Delamar, who claims to be the proud owner of Britain’s Biggest Fake Boobs. She’s been all over the media (or the gutter press, if you prefer) this past weekend. It wasn’t a particularly unusual post, in the sense that it was pretty much […]

From Across the Pond is Back

From Across the Pond is Back : “From Across the Pond” was the name of my old Blogger blog. But as part of the latest shake-up of my blogging efforts (something I’m prone to, I’m afraid) it’s BACK!

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